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Bill Bynum & Co: Bio

Bill Bynum - PIcks Guitar, Sings, Makes Stuff Happen

Although a Detroit native, Bill’s musical roots are in the South. His parents migrated from Black Oak, Arkansas to work in Detroit’s steel industry in the 1940s, bringing—like many others—their love for bluegrass and country music. Bill grew up listening to artists like Johnny Cash and Buck Owens on Detroit’s country radio station, “The Big D.”

Detroit rock drove Bill’s early musical career. But in 1999, Bill turned on the radio and heard “Yours Forever Blue” by Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band. From that moment on he found himself with a “nonstop desire to hear and play those songs.”

Soon he was writing them too. Bill is a first-prize winner in the Metro Detroit Songwriting Showcase with his song “Lovin’ You.” He has collaborated with bluegrass legend Pete Goble, an International Bluegrass Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Bill lives for the joy of entertaining his audience. A true showman!

Scott Kendall - Plays Bass Like a Pro!

With his degree in music completed, he's the one guy in the band that can actually read
music and boy does he let us know about it. We hope to have him play with us for a real
long time, but I'll be happy if he makes it to our next gig, just kiddin'.

Hessie Mae Hasheian - Fiddle, Vocals, & Attitude

This Jersey girl didn't mess around when she was invited to play with BB&Co. and if we're lucky she'll be here for a good long time, or at least a good time.

Bill Arnold- Plays Dobro, Family Man, Easy Goin' Guy

Shows up when we need him. Best Dobro player in three counties!

Drake Lolley - Picks it up one side & down the other

Banjo, acoustic, electric, there's not much this young man can't play. From Adrian Michigan he's all about the music and we're lucky to have him.

Brad Krykendall & Luke Panning - Fiddle Players

I'll let you know more about these fellas as we work them out this summer. Wish'em luck!

John Lang "On Occasion" - Plays Steel Guitar, with a Country Haircut

John's interest in music began around age 10. His professional music career began as the bass player with the Detroit-based pop group, Gallery. While working with Gallery, John became familiar with the pedal steel guitar, which was an important part of the band's sound.

Deciding that country music was his calling, John began playing pedal steel in the late 1970's, and performed with several West Coast artists while living in Southern California for over 20 years.

After re-locating to Michigan in 2002, John performed and recorded with a wide variety of country acts in Southeast Michigan. He's now taken his timeless, country-style haircut and pedal friendly loafers to Southern Ohio. You might catch John in Nashville at a Bill Bynum show, exhibiting tireless patience answering the never-ending question, "What is THAT instrument"?

Mary Seelhorst - Fiddles, Sings, Drives Fast

Mary Seelhorst is a powerful and intuitive fiddler from the hills of Athens, Ohio. Not only can Mary play with the best, but she's also a fine vocalist, performing with Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan-based bands for thirty years. She’s also a writer and photographer, shooting the photos for the band’s new CD. She wrote for Popular Mechanics for seven years, so don’t count her out on Jeopardy.

Chuck Anderson - Plays Bass, Does Science

Chuck Anderson picked up the double bass in 2001 at the urging of a friend who thought there were too many guitarists at bluegrass jams. Since then, Chuck has played everything from jazz standards to old-time fiddle tune music. The Minnesota native was a sound man at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI, and has a background in physics. When the band needs someone to troubleshoot the PA or divvy up the tab, they turn to him.

Dave Keeney "On Occasion" - Plays Dobro & Guitar

Former orchard baron his family has grown apples in souther michigan since the 1800s. And he was the very first band member of Bynum&Co. way back when it all began.